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1.      Ranganathan's autobiography is titled as A Librarian looks back
2.      One place theory is associated with J. D. Brown
3.      Management is an example of Distillation (mode of formation of subject)
4.      Ranganathan was honoured with the title National research professor in the year 1965.
5.      Ranganathan initially had a post graduate degree in Mathematics
6.      Gandhiana is a result of Clustering (mode of formation of subject)
7.      23rd ed.of DDC was published in the year 2011.
8.      You can find a reference to Library hand in CCC(book written by Dr. S. R. Ranganathan).
9.      Institute of Scientific Information was established by Eugene Garfield.
10.  Ranganathan was awarded Padma Shri in the year 1957.
11.  POPSI was devised by G. Bhattacharya in 1979
12.  PRECIS was devised by Derek Austin in 1984
13.  DOI stands for Digital Object Identifier
14.  The sectoral centre NICDAP of NISSAT is inLucknow
15.  Bibliography of bibliographies is a Tertiary source of information.
16.  eGyanKosh is associated with IGNOU (institution)
17.  National Library Week is observed in India every year in the month of 14-20 November, since 1968
18.  Issac Collijinwas the first president of IFLA 1927–1931
19.  "Tree of porphyry" is formed as a result of Dichotomy
20.  Sir.Maurice Gwoyerdesignated Dr.Ranganathan as "father of library science”
21.  Fujiois called as Dewey of Japan
22.  Benjamin A Custor was the editor of DDC, 19th edition
23.  Ranganathanintroduced Open Access System in India
24.  The concept of "anamolous state of knowledge” was proposed by Nicholas J. Belkin
25.  There are 8 national libraries in Italy?
26.  Information Technological year was adopted in 1982
27.  India Office Library is situated in Britain
28.  "Library is the heart of an institution" said by Dr. Radhakrishnan
29.  Operational approach is an integrated approach.
30.  The model public library established in India with the UNESCO assistance was Delhi Public Library
31.  Facts on File is a weekly digest of World Events
32.  PGI is framed out of merging UNISIST and NATIS
33.  Empty digit means “digit with ordinal value and without semantic value”
34.  The core idea of subject is represented by Personality
35.  Method of residueis useful to find out Personality
36.  Enumerative classification means classification scheme providing readymade number for all subjects of past , present and anticipated future
37.  Principle of osmosis concerned with Re-classification & Re-cataloguing
38.  Analytico synthetic classification means Freely faceted
39.  Wall picture Principle helps in Facet sequence
40.  E J Coatesinvented the Retroactive ordinal notation.
41.  Card form cataloguing was originated by France
42.  Canon of recall value is the another name of canon of sought headings
43.  Books of unknown or doubtful authorship is known as Apocryphal books
44.  Objective of DP Ray choudhwary Committee is to improve Academic library
45.  Mudaliar commission is related with School library
46.  Kabat Committeeis related with Metropolitan area
47.  University Education Commission chairman (1948-1949) was S. Radhakrishnan
48.  Perry committee in UKreports on University libraries
49.  Hawnt committeedeals with the public library service in north Ireland
50.  The word “Library “originates from the Latin word Libra
51.  A small book is technically called Biblot
52.  Carnegie medalis awarded to an author of an outstanding book for children
53.  A publication whose title page is missing is technically called Anepigraphon
54.  The INFLIBNET centre which provides a platform for research students to deposit their Ph. D. theses and make it available  to the entire scholarly community through open access is Shodhganga
55.  Sessionlayer of OSI establishes, manages and ends connections between applications and manages the interaction between end systems.
56.  Sinology is a result of Clustering (mode of formation of subject)
57.  If two works cite a common work in its bibliography then it is known as Bibliographic coupling
58.  Archiecreated by Alan Emtage is called the grandfather of all search engines.
59.  Albert Humphreydeveloped SWOT analysis.
60.  The agency of United Nations having its headquarters at Geneva, which is dedicated for the use of intellectual property as a means of stimulating innovation and creativity is WIPO
61.  Ranganathan was conferred the title Rao Sahib in 1935 for his contribution in the field of Librarianship.
62.  Flow Chart used in Programming
63.  Sco-Zenix is Multiuser operating Systems
64.  ''Lipi" is a Word Processor.
65.  What Type of Transmission in Cell phones? TCP/IP
66.  DPI is Dots per inch
67.  Another name of Floppy disc is Diskette.
68.  OS-2 operating system is designed by IBM.
69.  NAN is Neighborhood area network.
70.  IRC is Internet relay chat.
71.  ESS is an Electronic spread sheet.
72.  Hypothesis is a Speculation
73.  MEDLINE on CD-ROM is published by NLM (USA)
74.  The concept “Term Truncation” is used inThesaurus construction 
75.  In research paper, to refer to the immediate previous reference the following term is used: ibid
76.  In research paper to refer to an earlier but not immediately preceding reference, to the following term is used: Ioc cit
77.  ”Half line” of information implies: As information ages, it is useless
78.  Research libraries and information Network (RLIN) situated at Stand ford, California in the year 1978.
79.  LYCOS is Search Engine.
80.  LOCAS means Local Catalogue Service.
81.  A CPM (Critical Path Method) technique is developed by DUPONT.
82.  CHECKMAT software is made for serial control in a library.
83.  DELMS ( Defence library management system) project was launched by DESIDOC.
84.  CARIS (Current Agricultural Research Information System) project is started by AGRIS.
85.  Star Network is a type of computer network needs maximum networking cable.

IT Questions

1.      What is INTERNET?
Internet is the world's largest computer network, the "network of networks". Scattered all over the world
2.      When was the INTERNET Created?
It was created thirty six years ago as a project of U.S Department of Defense,
3.      What Internet service provider (ISP)?
It is the companies that provide INTERNET access.
4.      What is WWW?
It is the system based hypertext and HTTP for providing organizing and accessing wide verity of resources that are available by the INTERNET.
5.      What is web page?
It is a unit of information often called a document that is available over the WWW.
6.      Name the protocol that allows a computer to use the TCP/IP protocol and connected directly to the Net using a standard voice telephone line and high speed modem:
P P P (point-to-point protocol)]
7.      It is a software program that acts as an interface between the user and WWW what is it?
Web Browser
8.      Name two different type of Web Browser:
Text-based browser and Graphical Browser
9.      It collects and organizes resources that are available via the WWW, and designed to provide a starting point for locating information. Name it:
Web Index
10.  It is an interactive tool that enables to locate information available via Name it:
Search Engine
11.  It is unique, numeric identifier used to specify a particular host computer on a particular network, and is part of a global , standard’s scheme of identifying machines that are connected with INTERNET Name it:
IP Address (Internet Protocol)
12.  It is the way of identify and locate computers connected to the INTERNET Name it:
Domain Name
13.  It provides hierarchical way of identifying and locating INTERNET resources on the WWW Name It:
Uniform Resources Locater (URL)
14.  A binding document signed by all users that explains the rules of INTERNET use at an institution. Name it:
Acceptable user policy (AUP)
15.  What is gopher?
It is a protocol designed to search, retrieve and display documents from remote site on the Internet
16.  It is an Internet search tool that has the capability of searching many databases at one time. Name it:
Wide area information service (WAIS)
17.  What is FTP (file transfer protocol?)
The medium that allows transferring of files between computers on the net using an FTP program or via Netscape
18.  What is E-Journal?
It is an electronics publications, typically found in academic circles
19.  What is NNTP?
Network News Transport Protocol-This is used to distribute network news
20.  Name the security feature that allows access to information on an individual basis:
21.  MIPS is an acronym for:
Millions of instructions per second
22.  The duplicate copy of data/program on a separate storage medium is called:
Back up
23.  A center processor placed on a semi-conductor chip is called as a:
24.  Who invented the modem?
AT&T Information System, USA
25.  Which is standard internet protocol for distributing E-Mail?
SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)
26.  The computer generated environment is called:
27.  Who coined the term hypertext in 1965?
Ted Nelson
28.  Which protocol provides basis for the net?
Internet Protocol –IP